Fortune 500 Biotechnology CompanyChallenge: With six therapeutics in Phase III and two filed with the FDA for marketing approval, this fortune 500 biotech wants all employees to understand how their work directly impacts the company’s ability to be a “product launching machine”. Biotech Primer Solution: To ensure everyone within the company is fully aware and prepared for these product launches, we created a customized 2-day drug development program to explain this company’s clinical development and product launch practices.

We have been told that all three customized courses we deliver onsite for this client, Drug Development & Product Launch, The Science of Biotech: Primer and The Science of Biotech: Deep Dive, are their most popular training courses and often our courses have wait lists of employees trying to get in. Case Study: Biotechnology for Non-ScientistsOne of the World’s 20 Leading Pharmaceutical CompaniesChallenge: A major corporate initiative for this top 20 global pharma company calls for the business-side to work more closely with the science-side; to be a more integrated company. Biotech Primer Solution: Biotech Primer delivered a series of 1-day, off-the-shelf BioBriefings to different business units with the goal of helping the business-side become more science savvy and better able to communicate with the science-side of the company.

Case Study: Blended LearningChallenge: This multinational corporation, with over 50,000 life science products, needed to train thousands of employees in diverse locations which include USA (California, New York, Maryland), Japan, China, Singapore, India, New Zealand and AustraliaBiotech Primer Solution: Biotech Primer implemented a blended learning approach, which included both the instructor-led training for upper management and an online option for all employees worldwide. The online e-course option, our 8-hour BioPrinciples online course was licensed and placed on this client’s internal LMS (learning management system). This client reports that BioPrinciples Online is their most popular online e-course.

Case Study: Online LearningChallenge: This innovator in specialty biopharmaceuticals had a need to train their manufacturing department in the basic science used to develop therapeutics, but could not shut down the production line to allow for all-day training. BioTech Primer Solution: BioTech Primer extended the view time for BioPrinciples Online from 3 months to 12 months to allow enough time for these line workers to view/review the course at a comfortable pace.

In addition, this mid-sized biopharmaceutical company requested the e-learning course be private labeled with their logo and managed by one of their training managers even though the course remains on our LMS (learning management systems) Case studies of researchers in the life sciences modes of funding make it difficult for small research groups in particular to sustain such 19 Custom version..

Case Study: Customized Online LearningA $13 Billion Global Engineering CompanyChallenge: With nearly 60,000 employees in 50 markets, this global engineering giant wanted to increase their life sciences presence. The first order of business was to train their sales department on the basics of all things life science so they could better understand their client’s needs.

BioTech Primer Solution: BioTech Primer developed 13 customized, one-hour online webinars to highlight the various aspects of the life sciences industry including medical device, diagnostics, manufacturing and biotechnology. These webinars were coupled with a quiz, which were set with a pass/fail function, so upper management could quickly assess who had mastered the content. Placed on this clients LMS (learning management system) all employees, not just those in sales, have an opportunity to learn about the life sciences industry.

Case Study: Customized Medical Device CourseA State Investment AgencyChallenge: An investment agency charged with implementing a 10-year, $1-billion, state-funded investment initiative wanted to keep/expand advanced manufacturers jobs in the state by introducing these 2nd and 3rd tier SMEs to new industries, including the life sciences Case Studies for Life Science Research. Browse by Application Area. Academia. Three Swedish Universities Adopt Centralized ELN to Advance Academic .

BioTech Primer Solution: BioTech Primer provided course development, delivery and management consulting services to explain the pathway for becoming a preferred vendor to the Medical Devices industry in a 2-week roadshow that involved 4 key manufacturing locations throughout the state.