Regarding collaborations: You may discuss the homework problems with other members of the class, but each student must independently figure out the solutions and write his or her own answers.

Regarding references: The homework assignments are not scavenger hunts AllAssignmentHelp covers all the area realted to Biotechnology. Best Prices Biotechnology Homework help has been revolutionary in the field of medicine..

We are interested in how well you understand and can apply the material and not whether you can look up answers in the book. Therefore, the answers will not be found directly in the book.

In regard to homework assignments, the book should be used as a reference tool if you need help with a particular concept. Students are encouraged to rely heavily on their class notes, lecture outlines, powerpoint slides, and their own ingenuity.

Regarding recitation: During recitation sessions you are welcome to ask questions regarding material covered on the homework assignments. However, the answers to the homework questions will not be given and students are not encouraged to pry for hints.

The recitations are there to help students understand concepts that they must apply in order to complete the homework. ***** Students should feel free to email questions to the instructor or to the TAs.