Shopping online has increasingly become more convenient, mobile, and practical 28 Feb 2016 - From reviewing thousands of stats sources over the years, we've found that there are a very small number of quality online marketing statistics sites and specific social media stats on their blog (although they stopped releasing reports on Slideshare to encourage purchase of their subscription product)..

The new breed of simple-to-use ecommerce platforms, like Selz, has made it easier than ever before for entrepreneurs, artists and creators, or small business owners to take advantage of this explosion in selling online from a blog, website or online store. Consumers now have the power to purchase products from all over the world just from their tablets, smartphones and computers.

With just a few clicks of a button, consumers can have anything they want delivered straight to their door or downloaded instantaneously. Now, who doesn’t love that?This new trend opens many doors for online entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.

With this power to connect, many consumers are looking to buy from these smaller companies, which is a huge benefit to you. By starting an online store, you allow your business to be found by people all over the world, not just by those in your neighborhood.

Because most decisions made by online entrepreneurs are based on numbers and data, we thought you might enjoy a list of the most important online shopping and ecommerce statistics.

Use these numbers to decide what products to sell, where to sell, and how selling online can benefit your business Looking for more insight on marketing challenges? HubSpot asked 4,500 marketing and sales professionals about the future of inbound. Check out the State of Inbound report for the latest benchmark data. Get the Report .

35 Online Shopping and Ecommerce StatisticsGeneral Ecommerce StatisticsGlobal retail ecommerce sales will reach $1.